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ut it's difficult for him to be independent, to have a job and to adjust to new environments."She worries he may be injur▓ed without his family's protection.She believes his ideal job would be to run a calligraphy studio in his hom

e in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region's Ordos.Such NGOs as th▓e red-brick Autistic or Autistic Art studio in Beij▓ing's 798 are also working to assist▓ the children and alleviate parents▓' concerns.Income sourcesBrightly colored paintin▓gs by artistically talented childr

and nati

onal prizes fo

r his works."H

en and adults with autism from around the country line the walls of the lobby. Bags, bottles and phone cases printed with the paintings line a shelf."We help▓ them sell

e often had epilep

the paintings and make creative products using▓ their works," studio co-founder Zhou Jing says."A big part of the money goes directly to th▓em."The studio also offe

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